A downloadable tool for Linux

sketchapp, is a simple and OpenSource Project that let you move the cursor of your pc from your smartphone. It can be used with photoshop, gimp, krita or aseprite to draw or edit images, or it can be used with Blender to create 3D Objects for your game projects.

On othe hand this project was divided in two parts. one of them is the Skechapp Server that you need to download and install, and the other is the Android Application, both of them need to be installed for the correct operation of sketchapp

sketchapp is a project in development, in case of error when installing or running , please comment to me, to try fix it.

if you wanna see the source code, visit my repository: https://github.com/Bececrazy/Sketchapp

StatusIn development
Tags2D, 3D, design
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Linux command line:

$sudo chmod 777 -R *



Sketchapp_32.zip 73 kB
Sketchapp_64.zip 73 kB
sketchapp.apk 2 MB


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hola, estoy intentando conectar mi pc con el celu, pero solo me deja poner el ip pero no el numero de puerto, no se que tengo que hacerr

lo que sucede, es que la applicacion es una demo, solo queria mostrar lo que podrian hacer con la aplicacion, pero pronto montare el programa con todas las funciones incluidas como cambiar puerto, conexion bluetooth, wifi y usb


hola tengo un problema que me lo detecta como : waiting device

Hello I have a problem that detects me as: waiting device

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ok, sorry for answering late, but you must connect your smartphone device, and your pc, in the same wifi network, then on your smartphone you have to fill the ip address with the ip address of you pc and finally click to connect and that's it. I see that this process its really complex, and I'm writing a new interface, less complex.

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This is the first release of Sketchapp